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Janus by spring-warmth Janus by spring-warmth
Hey look it's not a pony :faint:

Janus, from the story I'm writing ^^

The left eye & side of the head (his right) look super screwy >.< I redrew them... a lot but I'm posting anyway cause I don't think I can get it any better right now. Feedback is still wonderful though :heart:

Apart from that I like it :3

Art/character *spring-warmth
First, the downs: I guess the main problem with tha face is that the left eye is too big - it should be slightly smaller than the right because its further away. With a smaller left eye, the face there can be thinner, forming a more natural curve in the cheeks. Speaking of which, the left side of the face does look a little weird, but I guess the real problem here is the right ear - it's too far away, making the right side of the face bigger than it should be. I put my hands in my screen, over these parts of the drawing and my instincts tell me to draw the ear a little over the hair bang.

Now, the ups: I liked the right eye and the nose-mouth region. I always have many problems with this. I like how the ear was drawn, the only problem I see with that is the one I already said. The hair is nice and flowing and the suggestion of the chest looks right to me.

About the stars: 5 stars in "vision" because I don't know if it's relevant here (it's an OC portrait, after all, so, I don't think it has to be visionary). I gave 5 stars, so it will not mess with the other fields.

3 stars and a half on originality because that's a common pose and I just felt bad giving 5 stars to it. But don't think that it's a defect in this art. Like I said above, it's an OC portrait, almost a study, and it does its job very well. I do this kind of drawing sometimes, and I know that, more than the originality of pose and of the technique, what really matters is putting the OC face on paper.

3 stars and a half because of the things I pointed. But don't be fooled, people, I don't think I can do any better than her. I suck at anatomy. I just like to be fair in my evaluations, so, I can't give more than that in this field.

5 stars in impact because I really liked his expression. I caught myself wondering how Janus could be, what's his personality and such, so, I guess the impact was just right.
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January 12, 2013
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